My Turkey Journal

Please have your turkey answer the following questions in the chart below.

Turkey's Name
nick name
sun shine
Turkey town
Favorite Movie
spirit stallion of cimmaron
Favorite Sport
horse back riding
Favorite Book
Favorite Color
3 inchs
55 pounds
Eye Color
Feather Colors
blue,light blue,white,pink and green
Best Character Trait
she is reasponsble
loves doing jobs
Most Embarrassing Moment
when she messed up when doing a speech
Best Memory
getting a little sister
Awards Won
most kind turkey award
Plans for the Future
presadint of turkey town


Add your nightly journal entries below.
Be sure to include the date and a complete paragraph!
Have fun!
Example Journal Entry:
Today was a blast! First, I (give a detail with adjectives and adverbs here). Next, I (give another detail and maybe use some dialogue with action here). After that, I (more details with good adjectives/adverbs-NOT overused boring words). Finally or Last, I (more details). I wish all days could be like today.
Journal Entry
November 19
Today was a blast! First I went to school in a back pack.
Then i went into a bin to talk to the other turkeys.After that I learned
reading then I went to subway to eat a sub.At reses I went to air time to
jump.Then I sat in the bin some more and my friend ava was learning
multipacation i am sure glad i don't have to do that! I wish all school days
could be like this.
November 20
Today was awsome! First I went to science and I learned how to make a circit.
Then I went to spainish and I learnd how to say my name in spainish it was so
cool. After that I had a yummy snack called an appale I think that what it is called.
( I made her say appale instead of apple to make it sound like she did not know
how to say it) I read a book called James And The Giant Peach it was really intresting.
I also went to lunch I eat lot of veggies they were so yummy! Then it was time for math I
finally got the hang of multiplying numbers. It was time for writing time. Ava wrote why i
should not be eaten. I think that it was a good idea to write about me because I do not
want to die! I wish every day was like this!
November 21
Today was so cool! First I went in a bin with other turkey who thought they were going to
be a thanksgiving dinner. There was lots a lot of turkey houses I wish one of them was mine.
One house had a pretty glow in the dark teddy bear that house also had a pretty pink thing
going over the top of it. There was a house that had a spartins sing on the top of it but it was
a very small house. After i looked at all the houses it was time for art. While i was at art I was
painting the detroit sky line with a very windy sky. Finally! Snack time i'm so hungry! Today at
snack i ate a big fat juisy orange. At reading time I read for like 5 hours. 1st hour:chapter 5
2nd hour:chapter10 3rd hour:chapter 15 4th hour:chapter 20 hour 5:chapter 25. Then it was
lunch time at lunch I eat a p b & j it was delish! then came math i learned divison it was
so boring! Lastly it was time to go home I went on the bus it was so bumpy i just was sitting there wobbling
up and down. When i got home Ava made me some rice to eat finally i went to bed in my snuggly bed.