hello this is my page. I love horses:)thank you for checking my page out PEACE OUT! peace sign purple.gif dog-paw-print-clip-art-blue-paw.jpg olive branch.gif heart i love you.jpg

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3-D date.gif ani check it out.gif Daisy.jpg this is a cute dog named daisy. SHE IS SOOOOOOO FLUFFY big_fish_swimming_sm_nwm.gif<-------This fish look's funny

heart animation.gifAllison is my best friend

Fall 2013-14.JPG This is my class

I love warrior cats! ITS THE BEST BOOK EVER! purple cat.gif

I LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!


PUPPYS ARE CUTE AND IM RANDOM AND AWESOME I DONT CARE WHAT YOU TINK BOUT ME OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!racoon.gifITS A RANDOM RACCOON YAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! I got a kindle fire HDX for Christmas and that's what I'm typing on right now it's sooo awesome. Today I kinda got sick and my head hurt rlly bad but my dad got me a giant box of chocolates and a chocolate cookie. He bought me it because I was sick and wanted to make it up to me and it's Valentine's day! I might go to the breyer shop and get a breyer I also might go horse back riding and I also might go to the aquarium or go to the history museum. Bye!