What's New to See in Room 3?

Important Dates
  • April 29th-Author Visit
  • May 2-"Celebration of Cultures" Day
  • May 13th-Fun Run

Math -In my 3+ math class, we're continuing Unit 7 "Fractions". The children have been focusing on how to compare non-unit fractions and fractions with unlike denominators, use multiplication and division to find equivalent fractions, and model related fractions. The children are working on making short videos to teach different methods for comparing fractions with unlike numerators and denominators. We'll be having a test on the first part of unit 7 this Tuesday, April 29th. Next, the children will learn about decimals with fractions. They will also learn to write and compare decimals in tenths and in hundredths, as well as read, write, and model decimals greater than one. The children can find many sites for reinforcing and practicing fractions on our math wiki page at:
We also continue to focus on the 8 math practices.

-All 3rd grade math classes should be focusing on multiplication and division facts. Using fun fact practice links on our wiki might be a nice change of pace to practice. Check out the links below.

Multiplication Practice

Division Fact Practice
(Click on the word "Generate" to start)

Please help your child to work on their individual Odyssey skills 2-3 times a week and over the weekend at the link below.

Reading -Mystery Book Clubs continue to go well. The children are independently working on group assignments and having group discussions about the content and elements of mysteries with their group weekly. Soon the children will work on a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast 2 mystery books in a series and then work on writing comparison/contrast paragraphs. Your child should be getting really good at using our mystery vocabulary below.
Mystery Vocabulary document:

*Continue to use the resource below to help with Non-fiction text features.
The children can go to our reading wiki page to reference text features to practice at home.

Word Sorts-(CURSIVE NOW!) Please remind your child to physically cut out and arrange their new word sorts each night as they complete their homework.
Also remind your child to look for CAPITALS AND PERIODS before turning in their work.
Access to some sorts if needed:
Alien's Groups: http://educationextras.com/WithinWordPatternSorts.html
Astronaut's Groups: http://educationextras.com/SyllablesandAffixesSorts.html
Copies of homework sheets are located on the Word Sort link on the wiki.
Go to your child's group name.

Social Studies- Mrs. Zuhl sends updates for Social Studies.

Science- We just started our Energy and Matter unit. We'll be focusing on "Energy is what makes things happen" and our sun is our main source of energy. The children will use hands-on activities to learn about many forms of energy like heat, light, motion, chemical/electrical, and sound. We'll discuss potential and kinetic energy, as well as energy sources. They will also revisit the states of matter from 2nd grade and grow these scientific ideas as they relate to energy.

Writing- Our Realistic Fiction unit is going well. The children are creating their own story elements of realistic fiction (characters, setting and plot), exciting leads and creating their stories. They're working on adding character thoughts, dialogue and actions to help their characters come alive. They will be peer conferencing for revising and editing help and then publishing their story with hand drawn illustrations.
You'll get to enjoy these stories later this year.

*We continue to work on grammar skills weekly. Recently we revisited capitalization rules for proper nouns. We are also focusing on using only one subject in a sentence. (We correctly write: My mom is pretty. We incorrectly write: My mom she is pretty.) Children should be practicing these new skills in week word sort assignments as well as daily writing.**
Please remind your child to practices new skills in their Word Work sentence homework.

Cursive - The children should be using cursive in their word sort homework to practice all we've learned. Please remind your child to do at LEAST 2 of the 4 weekly assignments in CURSIVE!